Why use vector images for your promotional merchandise

‘V’ is for Vector — the ‘V’ery best artwork file for making your promotional merchandise the best in your business.


By supplying us your artwork in this format, you will be sure that your company image and brand retention will be pitch perfect.

Branded promotional products come in all shapes and sizes; from USB’s to bags and the latest designer power banks. This means your logo often needs to be reduced or enlarged into all sorts of decoration areas, big and small, in order to be able to conform to the required branding area. Supplying a vector graphic is the ideal electronic artwork format to produce your promotional merchandise. Not only will this save you time and money in the order process, it will ensure the image can be resized without compromising the quality.

Vector artwork is saved as a mathematical algorithm, and can be easily edited or resized without compromising image quality. Vector artwork file types are eps, ai, pdf and cdr. Supplying vector artwork will ultimately save you time at the order process, and potentially money, as receiving unsuitable files such as jpeg, bmp, png, tif, gif, doc, ppt, xis or pub – known as raster files – will require us to redraw your logo and that could cost a small fee.

If this all sounds too technical, why not save yourself further time by sending us your brand guidelines which we can keep on file. Once your order is placed, we can take care of the rest.


If you have any questions regarding your artwork files please call us on (02) 8296 8888, we are always happy to help