Using Virtual Reality in Your Promotional Products

Virtual Reality & Promotional Products

Thanks to Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality (and immersive technology) is now readily available and there are loads of ways your business can jump on this trend.

Virtual Reality (‘VR’) gives marketers the opportunity to give their audience the closest experience they can get to a product, service or place without actually physically being there – econsultancy

Virtual reality has existed for years but the growth of mobile devices and the consumption of video has led to VR having a big moment right now.

Whether it will transform into a new platform for content consumption remains to be seen, but with big companies like Facebook making moves in the space it’s sure to be around for some time.

There are loads of ways your business can jump on the virtual reality trend…

There are two types of devices available

  1. VR glasses that attach to your smartphone and work through VR apps
  2. Self-contained headsets that provide the immersion

VR can be used to play games but it can be so much more. Immersive video is a great way to take your clients and customers inside an experience. Show off the features of a new product in action or offer a close-up look inside an event or destination. No matter where they look, they’ll be inside a 360 degree visual experience.

Video for VR includes animation and real video such as 360 degree video created through a GoPro.

These experiences can be out of this world experiences like travelling through space or under water and can show content from any perspective

How you can use VR

1. Experience – take people beyond print or web design and show the inside feel of a hotel, cruise or destination.

2. Products – show how a product is created or how it works.

3. Events – give a VIP experience, show different perspectives, use VR to promote future events or show off past events.

4. Recruitment – take potential recruits inside your company… the job, the staff, the building and the services.

5. Entertainment – give out VR devices and provide content experiences that enlighten and entertain your customers and clients.

What’s next? Augmented Reality!


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