Unique and Thoughtful Holiday Swag Ideas 2021

Great Swag ideas require creativity, imagination and thoughtfulness and you want to ensure that the products that you send are appreciated and treasured. Swag needs to be curated to match trends and the preferences of as wide an audience as possible.

Holiday Swag Ideas 2021

Thoughtful swag ideas always work

There is no ‘ideal gift’ that will work for all customers, so we need to focus on certain key elements to ensure that every campaign has every chance of success.

  • ‘Cheap’ and ‘cost effective’ do not mean the same thing. The quality of your corporate gifts shows the quality of your business
  • They should provide ‘value’, this could be a sustainability and usability message highlighted by giving recycled and eco-friendly swag ideas to represent your environmental commitments.
  • They should create a brand connection. Make sure that customisation with brand logos and messages are creatively and visibly designed.

How to harness the perfect holiday swag?

Here at Arctic Blue, we offer unique and thoughtful alternatives to traditional holiday swag ideas. In 2021, be inspired by our selection of gift ideas and hampers, guaranteed to leave a lasting memory.

Here are some of our favourite holiday swag ideas.

  1. The buzz around technology is bigger than ever and this holiday season ride the trend with this Solar Wireless Power Bank
  2. For all those zoom and team meetings or for those times when you just need to chill, the must have accessory, Cannery TWS Earbuds or  Watford Active Noise Cancelling TWS Earbuds or  True Wireless Earbuds.
  3. So we can start dreaming,time to upgrade your luggage with this classic Titleist Players Boston bag, this sporty Cotton Weekender or this ruggedly stylish Field & Co. 20 inch travel duffle for a quick trip in the holiday season.
  4. This unique Bamboo Notebook for the ultimate eco-friendly vibe or this Moleskine Smart Writing Set to journal all your holiday thoughts and turn them digital too!
  5. These high quality and stylish cotton tote and jute tote bags that are perfect for everyday use.
  6. Encourage a fitness routine with this Zen yoga mat. Bundle up a fitness swag box with multi-function pedometers, Calorie Counter Jump Rope, strength bands, resistance loops, or this Alcor Pro Smart Band.
  7. ‘Tis the season for firing up the barbie! BBQ and picnic sets, wine glasses or this cooler bag to hold a stubby or other bevvie will make sure of a good time.
  8. These eco-friendly serving boards that are perfect for antipasto and can also double as chopping boards.
  9. Light up the season with this Wireless Charger Sound Lamp, it will charge the phone and play some music too. Better still, a Magic Lamp that perfectly simulates a candle or this multifunctional and portable Avanza Lamp.
  10. Encourage some holiday downtime with blankets and rugs perfect for the outdoor leisure trips.

Corporate holiday swag ideas need care and time

Beat the holiday rush and reach out to us. We will make sure that the holiday swag ideas turn out exactly as you imagined.

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