Top 5 Most Innovative Promotional Merchandise of 2019

We love innovative products that really push boundaries.

In the world of promotional merchandise and branded goods, it’s easy to do what “everyone” does – a pen, a notebook, a keychain, hey – may as well throw in a lanyard too. These old favourites are well received and used. But there is nothing more memorable, than pushing the boundaries from the everyday to deliver something that rethinks the category.

Over the past decade of designing and manufacturing promotional merchandise, we have seen firsthand the success that truly unique and innovative designs can drive. Something that aligns the brand gifting the product, with the unique target audience receiving it.

Here are some of the most recent promotional products that blew our socks off!

1. Moleskine Smart Writing Set


“The freedom to capture inspiration on paper, ready to be developed, saved and shared on screen”.

As you write on paper, the smart pen captures each stroke digitally. Although this is Moleskine branded, the innovative design and idea is absolutely amazing!

If you gifted this to someone who loves tech and creativity, they would remember you forever. Perfect for a creative client or business partner.

2. Glass Coffee Cup

Reusable coffee cups has become a staple – which is great! However, a lot of them are still made with plastic. For those who want to ditch plastic altogether, Glass Coffee Cups is the way to go.

They’re seamless in their design, machine washable, and more hygienic without the nooks and crannies that are hard to get to when washing! It’s nice to touch and definitely feels more luxurious than a plastic cup. People have noted that the glass gives the coffee a more ‘cleaner’ taste.

These are great to use on the way to work and during work – pop off the lid and it’s a stylish café-style glass cup.

You can find all sorts of variations:

  • Classic glass coffee cup with silicon lid and band with etched/printed branding
  • Double-Walled so it keeps the coffee hot without burning your fingers!
  • Doubled-Walled AND Glass Lid. Talk about fancy, this is a luxurious coffee cup.

  • Cork Band – this is a trending material!

3. Personalised Yoga Mats

You might be thinking, ‘hasn’t this already been done?’ The answer is, not like this.

Try to tick all these qualities:

  • Unique eye-catching design with branding
    • Personalised to the T
    • Hi res photography printed on the whole mat
  • Eco-friendly materials that are also long lasting
  • Support the improvement of mental and physical health of employees

These mats are also a great as a ‘thank you for taking part’ gift especially for exclusive events. If you are in the health industry, or want to start a cultural movement in your team, this is a great physical reminder that you wanted to show appreciation to that unique person.

4. The Smart Cube

Going to a tradeshow? Conference? How do you plan to really stand out?

“SMART CUBE is a creative cube which hides multifunctional desk set with place for pens, business cards, paper clips, sheets and everything with individual graphic design of the client.”

Something like this is fun and definitely memorable!

5. Wild Socks

Is your target audience millennials? Then this will be a hit. Custom designed socks that have eye-catching designs is all the rage. These are very Instagram-friendly and perfect for brands that think outside the box!

These are fun items to give out during events – while at it, encourage people to post a picture on Instagram with your @tag and #hashtag for a chance to win something!

Any of these ideas spark inspiration to bring your idea to life? Get in touch!