Tips to Manage Swag for Remote Teams Final

Tips to how best manage Swag for Remote Teams

Managing and staying connected with your remote teams can be a challenge but one great way to keep them engaged and motivated is by using swag.

Whether you wish to say thanks to the team for their hard work or for achieving a targeted milestone, promotional products or swag is a great way to say you care and you wanted to say thanks.

Staying Connected Through Swag

Employees want to work for a company that is looking out for them, they will be thankful and excited to work for a company that has cool swag. Sending swag to your employee will help to make them feel more connected to the team, and it sends the message that their organisation thinks about them. This is an opportunity to create a great employee experience. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Managing swag for remote teams can be challenging, it is crucial to consider the experience of the receiver, the quality and functionality of the product and it needs to be well designed.

Arctic Blue has some great tips to help make this process easier:.

Here we go!  

  1. Choose a theme

You want to offer a box of swag that you know will specifically appeal to your team. For instance, your team of remote editors or digital marketers could use desk planners to streamline their work or your sales team might appreciate to receive a cool water bottle to help keep them watered and to keep their energy up.

  1. Personalise it 

Customised apparel that includes employee names could help to foster a sense of belonging and pride. Hoodieslightweight jacketsheadwear, would be ideal. They would be happy to wear it online and offline, this gives them a sense of belonging and helps to advertise your company.

  1. Include the family

Everyone loves receiving gifts and the Swag can also be used to give to their families, it shows that the company truly cares. A swag bag featuring customised drinkware for the family, rugs and picnic items are great family-friendly gifts and shows that you want to encourage your team to spend quality time with family and friends.

  1. Contemporary appeal

Given the present situation, wellness and safety products are an excellent swag option. The swag can help to  promote healthy living in your home with sanitisers, and also encourage fitness with smart bands.

  1. Home office essentials

Swag ideas that can help to ease the work pressure for employees will always be welcome. So, compendiumssmart chargerspower banks, and keyboards will be helpful as also things like thermal mugs and flasks.

Keep the Company Culture Alive With Swag

The key is to select promotional merchandise that will make your remote team feel connected. Remind them how they are an integral part of your organisation

At Arctic Blue, we will help you conceptualise your custom swag gift or box, whether it’s digital or leisure swag. We have an extensive product range and a variety of customisation options. Our global network helps us to store and distribute efficiently so that we fulfil all your expectations.

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