How Sustainable Giveaways Help You Connect with the Millennial Consumer

How Sustainable Giveaways Help You Connect with the Millennial Consumer

The Australian workforce will consist of 75% millennials by 2025. Businesses need to consider their preferences as their spending power is and will be influencing the economy. Now, what does a millennial consumer want?

According to a survey, three out of every four millennials are inspired to make a positive impact on their communities. In Australia, 34% of millennials and Gen Z (higher than the global average) are concerned about environmental protection. In fact, a humble grocery run for 60% of Australian millennials is tuned towards sustainably sourced products while 50% of them looked for eco-friendly ones.

Connecting with the millennial consumer

Millennials are responsible spenders with immense buying power. If a business can understand their spending quirks, it can capitalise on this opportunity.

Now that it’s clear that sustainable giveaways can help you connect with the millennial consumer, the question is: How do you foster such a connection? Here are some ways.

  1. Adapt business practices to support causes

Millennials are very concerned about giving back to the community. If your products and services are geared towards social and environmental betterment, millennials will happily engage with your merchandise and recommend it ahead as well. They are receptive to products that are eco-friendly.

  1. Do not sacrifice sustainability for price

Millennials are conscious about their environmental impact and ready to pay more for sustainable products. This is a large generation and they are in their prime spending years. A business should train its sights on this proclivity towards sustainable products and services and invest in high-quality eco-collection merchandise to engage them as potential customers.

  1. Carve out quality deals to reach them

Millennials want quality products and personalised offers. Customisation appeals to them, as they want unique and exclusive products and services. Products need to be Instagram-worthy while being conscious too, a goal that can be achieved with responsible items that are aesthetic as well, such as these beautiful Bambino coffee cups with a trendy bamboo casing from drinkware collection.

  1. Harness their love for technology

Millennials are always connected and always looking for the next big thing both in trends and technology. Tech freebies can help you strike a chord with your millennial users like nothing else.

Tap into their affinity for tech items with unique and high-quality USB key chains, smartphone lenses, Bluetooth speakers and more from our tech collections. These are products they will truly appreciate. In fact, once millennials love your products and are impressed by the values you stand by, they will be vocal about it on social media — what better word-of-mouth advertising than that?

Bottom line

Sustainability matters to millennials and GenZ. They seek authenticity, trust, and accountability from products as well as brands. What you need is a partner that can transform your marketing campaigns and event giveaways with promotional merchandise that millennials will rave about.

Arctic Blue is just that—sustainably accountable, experienced, and dedicated to superior quality solutions. Contact us to explore how we can get your brand noticed by the largest spending segment in the market.