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Summer Promotional Products

The parties, festivals and outdoor events of summer offer lots of opportunities to get your brand exposure through promotional products and merchandise.

With BBQs, picnics, beach days, holidays, camping and other outdoor celebrations… your opportunities are endless!


Here are our Top Warm Weather Products to get your brand in the hands of your customers…



1. Sunglasses

For summer’s long hot sunny days, sunglasses look cool, are cool, and they need your brand on them.

Black Frame Aviator Sunglasses

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2. Coolers

Eskys and coolers are a great holiday gift to your corporate clients and your customers – available as bags, with wheels… and even with speakers.

Jump Cooler

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3. Big Towels

Big outdoor towels are a go-to item for the beach, holidays and the many outdoor activities and events of summer. They’d look even better laid out with your logo on display…

Deluxe red and white jacquard beach towel

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4. Chairs

Folding chairs are a handy addition to your summer merchandise offering… ideal for camping, the beach, picnics, events etc. The various styles include drink holders, arm rests and carry bags.

Folding Beach Chair

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5. Flip-Flops

A summer promotional product for everyone. Available in all sizes and a great addition to your marketing events and campaigns. Lots of branding space and design opportunity. Who doesn’t love a pair of thongs?

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6. Cooling Towels

Small quick-drying towels are are ideal for use when playing sports, jogging, walking, biking, at the gym, working outdoors etc. These towels will cool up to 15 degrees below the outdoor temperature in seconds when wet.

Yeti Premium Cooling Towel 




Sunscreen promotional products



7. Lip Balm And Sunscreen

Great for giveaways or event freebies and extras in swag bags. A great small product for every business to brand.

Lip Balm And Sunstick





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