Reasons to Use Eco-Friendly Promotional Items to Boost Your Branding Strategy

Reasons to Use Eco-Friendly Promotional Items to Boost Your Branding Strategy

If recent surveys around the globe are to be believed, an increasing number of customers are consciously switching to eco-friendly brands.

Whether it is groceries or automobiles, the world is moving towards safer, sustainable and environmentally beneficial alternatives. Companies and marketers who are leveraging this movement swear by the power that it has to generate revenues like never before.

Here’s how incorporating “green” products in your promotional campaigns can be a game-changer for your branding strategy.

A thought for the planet and the people

As customers become aware of the massive side-effects of products that degrade the environment, companies are re-aligning their visions to foster better customer relationships by taking pro-environment stances and sustainability.

Eco-friendly promo items help them shine in their branding efforts. The production, packaging and consumption of these products are not harmful to the environment. Generally, such products are easily bio-degradable and recyclable, making sure that natural resources are equally available and enjoyable for future generations.

It’s more mainstream than ever before

Unlike a couple of years ago when being environmentally conscious was considered ‘cool’ or offbeat, consumers today expect the brands they love to be engaged in sustainable practices. Small businesses and large corporations are equally under obligation to move towards safer, cleaner and ‘greener’ products.

Lately, brands that do not care for such practices garner an unfavourable reputation in the consumer’s minds. Needless to say, this reflects in sales as well — several customers today are quick to ‘cancel’ companies and products widely known to be unfavourable to the earth.

Assurance of positive brand value

Adding eco-friendly promotional products to your branding strategy would help bolster a positive brand image in the minds of the recipients.

While any promotional products can do just that, eco-friendly ones have an edge – they show that the brand cares about sustainability.  For instance, toothbrushes and cutlery sets made out of bamboo convey that this brand cares about reducing the usage of single-use plastics. A survey from Forbes revealed that over 85% of customers perceive companies that support environmental issues more positively.

Enhanced customer loyalty

It is image and sales that get positively impacted through sustainability and customer retention, and loyalty. Each repeat and referral customer that consistently buys your product or service equals costs saved on advertisements. Loyal customers rank amongst the top ways of having your product marketed for free.

Promotional gift items are a great way to convey care and appreciation for your customers, clients and staff. Add to that, the advantage of eco-friendly properties, and you have a winning combination.

Choose from the wide collection of high-quality, sustainable products that you can customize with your logo and brand name. Whether you are engaged in full-fledged sustainable practices from sourcing raw materials to packaging and distribution or simply starting on your journey to a cleaner tomorrow, your brand reputation can get a fresh, positive boost with eco-friendly promotional products.