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Our Environmental Responsibility

Our environmental responsibility is something we take seriously.
We’re not perfect, but we’re aware of the challenges.



We’re working hard to make our Arctic Blue office enviro friendly, trying to minimise packaging and reducing paper use with the ultimate aim of going paperless.

As we grow and develop, keep checking back to see how we’ve progressed.



Not every product we sell is bio-degradable, however if the products can be recycled, and importantly, re-used, that’s a plus for the environment and we consider that in a product sourcing and production.

We no longer supply balloons or single use plastic bags, and are making a concerted effort to minimise the use of packaging.



We’ve been involved in some great environmental projects over the past few years…




In 2018 we produced the custom glass bottles and tote bags that were gifted to people across Sydney and Melbourne who pledged to reduce their impact on the environment as part of the ABC Documentary series and campaign, War on Waste.

Hosted by Craig Reucassel, the second series of the show targets plastic water bottles, straws, e-waste, fast furniture, food waste and the recycling crisis.






The artwork covering the bags and bottles was designed by artist Lauren Webster.

      • “The concept behind the artworks created was a playfully romantic narrative about loving and cherishing the objects we own, keeping them long term and re-using them over and over again rather than the trashy alternative of single use items.”
      – Lauren Webster

You can take a look at Lauren’s other work on Facebook or Instagram





Find out more about the show and campaign at

Catch up on the show through ABC iView Here

Follow the social media hashtag #WarOnWasteAU



♦ Clean Oceans Turn the Tide on Plastic Campaign

Clean Oceans are supplying every nipper with a long lasting stainless-steel reusable drinking bottle and filtered water refill stations at every surf lifesaving club – with a goal for all plastics to be banned on beaches with a Surf Life Saving club by 2020! Read More



♦ Creating Cleaner Oceans with Primary School Children

We were lucky enough to be part of the Cronulla South Public School’s student initiative to create cleaner oceans by banning plastic bags and selling branded, re-useable bags for sale throughout the community. Read More





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