Guide to Novelty USBs

USB Flash drives are the perfect promotional product because they are used by everyone every day – at school, in the home and around the office. Plus, you can even pre-load them with content to give (and get) more value!


Here are 5 types of useful and fun USB flash drives


• Custom Designed
The options are endless when it comes to a custom USB flash drive for your business or campaign. We can design one in your logo, mascot, campaign theme or maybe in the shape of staff or customers. We developed a series of bendable USB flash drive surgeons for a manufacturer of anaesthetic products to share their (pre-loaded) research and reports with busy medical practitioners!

• Bracelets & Wristbands
Available in a range of colours and styles, these are great for your events and conferences – try using a comfortable silicone band flash drive like this one for your event entry pass.

Credit Card Style 
These USBs are the size of a credit card and perfect for conveniently storing in wallets and pockets. They are also great for printing larger logos or graphics that can’t be as easily seen on smaller styles. Get your next business cards designed on these to really make a statement – that will be seen over and over again!  

• Accessories
Giving away flash drives attached to a clip, keyring or lanyard will ensure the USB (and your brand name) don’t get lost behind the counter or forgotten in a drawer.

Go with a multi-functional promotional product and use a USB pen. Handy products like this not only get used but they can reach further and get your message shared around as people borrow or pass your item along.


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