A small garden pot that comes with an expanded coir pellet and seeds and because the pot is made of natural coconut husk, it allows the seeds to germinate and grow its roots right through the sides of the pot. When ready the pot can be simply planted into the open ground or larger pot, with no stress or root disturbance to the young plant.

A coconut husk pot, compressed coir pellet, and 3 seeded sticks are contained within the pack and held in place by a simple custom printed wrap. Other seed packing options are available if you are looking for larger seed varieties that we can’t put on sticks, mention this in your enquiry.

Each order has the option of full-colour print to the outer and inner packaging and choice of seed variety from our website. Growing instructions, common name, botanical name, and expected germination time of seeds appear on all our products. All our printing uses soy and vegetable-based inks on 100% recycled board with a gloss or matte finish.

Pack size when assembled is 45mm x 55mm.
The minimum order quantity is 250 units.

To place an order, call us now: (02) 8296 8888