Getting to the Heart of the Eco Conscious Sports Fans

Getting to the Heart of the Eco-Conscious Sports Fans

9 out of 10 Australians are concerned about their impact on the environment and want sustainable products. When you, as a business, offer them sustainable promotional products, it goes a long way to show how much you care about the environment. The younger, spending demographic wants to live and enjoy all pursuits without being wasteful. And, this extends to today’s sports fans too.

The rise of the eco-conscious consumer

In Australia, climate change is an important issue for 19% of Australian sports fans. Among this demographic, 69% want to see sustainable events, 53% care about their carbon footprint during sports-related outings, and 46% of fans want to use responsibly-produced consumables only.

Consumers today wears their hearts on their sleeves. So does the sports fan! Eco-friendly merchandise such as branded helmets can effectively act as a responsible and unique fan engagement tool.

Hemp Trucker Bali Tote Bag Mirage Heritage Vacuum Bottle
Hemp Trucker | Bali Tote Bag | Mirage Heritage Vacuum Bottle

Getting the eco-conscious sports fan in your team

Sports merchandise gets fans closer to the experience. Be it during big sporting events, school-level matches, or corporate games, and promotional products allow fans to register and show their support for the team they are rooting for. Even if you aren’t a sponsor, handing out giveaways and freebies can be a great opportunity to boost brand awareness and visibility.

The eco-conscious generation of today is vocal in its support and recommendation of products that meet their expectations. At Arctic Blue, we have teamed up with some of the best names in the industry, such as Pop-Up Marketing, and can help your sports business make a mark in the audience’s mind by putting a sustainable foot forward!

Think headwear, sustainable and stylish tote bags rather than plastic ones, eco-friendly drinkware and cups, even mobile accessories such as power banks and wireless chargers! At Arctic Blue, we offer creatively designed and refreshingly fresh solutions to capture the heart of your target audience among eco-conscious sports fans.

Ceramic Coffee Mug Bamboo Power Bank Bamboo Wireless Charger
Ceramic Coffee Mug | Bamboo Power Bank | Bamboo Wireless Charger

Sustainability in the sports arena

Solstice Glass Bottle
Solstice Glass Bottle

As businesses and sports individuals evaluate their environmental impact, sports fans have started to stress on sustainable strategies. The need for innovative fan engagement products for sports teams and brands at events has come to the fore.

Being an environmentally responsible company, Arctic Blue recognises this and has improved the way promotional merchandise is produced.

High-quality, sustainable materials that last, and improve recyclability are trademarks of our collection. As the official distributor of Pop-Up Marketing’s exciting range of promotional products, we deliver just what you need to attract and engage your sports fan base.

Capture the sporting spirit to enhance your brand recognition

Sports fans appreciate eye-catching promo products that help them declare their support for their choice of team. At the same time, when these items bearing your logo stand out among the crowd, it fetches your brand the much-needed attention. And, if the event gets media coverage, it can make your brand seen by millions!

Keen on crafting sustainable promo items to deepen your connection with the new-age eco-conscious sports fans? Contact Arctic Blue today!