Creating Cleaner Oceans with Cronulla South Primary School

We were lucky enough to be part of the Cronulla South Public School’s student initiative to create cleaner oceans by banning plastic bags.



• The School Captains and SRC wanted to develop a campaign around the concept of ‘ban the bag’.

• They ran a competition to come up with the tag line “Respect the Sea and be Plastic Free”, and branded it across re-useable bags for sale throughout the community.

• They approached local businesses for support of the cleaner oceans initiative with varying levels of contributions.

•  Arctic Blue developed the artwork and managed the production of the bags.



The bags have been sold throughout the schooling and greater community and have led to the school being recognised in the local area as ‘Eco Warriors‘ as well as attracting the attention of various environmental groups such as The Surfrider Foundation.


Our Commitment

Arctic Blue is a supporter of cleaner oceans and ‘ban the bag’ initiatives and our policy is now that we will not supply plastic carry bags in any form and are investigating ways with our supply chain to reduce or eliminate plastic packaging with our products.


If you’d like to talk to our team about using promotional products in your community initiatives, please give us a call on 8296 8888



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