How to Build a Promotional Swag Store for year-end gifting

How to Build a Promotional Swag Store for year-end gifting

Whether you wish to show your appreciation to your team for their hard work or show customers how much you value them and their business, corporate swag can be a powerful way to convey your message.

Setting up a promotional swag store, featuring merchandise with your brand logo, is a great way to elevate your company over others,

As a leading promotional merchandise company that excels at producing superior branded items and corporate swag, we have tons of great ideas to help you build a promotional swag store.

branded items and corporate swag

What is a Swag Store?

A promotional swag store is a digital or physical space where your customers, employees and others can visit to purchase items bearing your company logo. Swag items are promotional products that are gifted with an aim to build brand recognition and engagement, increasing sales, and penetrating markets.

It’s a lot easier than you think! By choosing to market with a company like ours, you can find perfect ways to build your company’s merchandise while at the same time achieve your marketing objectives.

Here are some of our popular picks for your swag store.


1. Quality Jackets

Jackets can be selected from our huge range, we will ensure they look great but also that they are right for your climate, summer in Queensland or winter in NSW, we want you to wear them. We will look at various branding techniques to ensure your company logo comes to life and if you want to look at a range highlighting recycled fabrics we can do that also.

2. Anti-Theft Backpacks

No swag store is complete without backpacks that are known for durability and style and you can never have enough! There is a range to choose , from an  Anti-Theft Backpack featuring uncompromising security to a 17” laptop bag with various pockets for all of your IT accessories to sit, we have them all covered.

3. Customised Tees and Sweatshirts


Choose from a huge range of apparel, locally and internationally supplied with product being flown from the States. Canada and Europe weekly, we can ensure that the range is right for you and your employees, we want to make sure the team love what you are offering and would be delighted to wear these items!!

4. Baby Items

Baby clothing is proving to be huge hit with employees, they love to see their little ones wearing their companies branded onesies and it really adds to the messaging that you as an employer are caring and looking out for you.

5. Office Supplies

Office Supplies

Gifts of quality office supplies are always to have to hand when you are working from home and we can add some colour and fun to these items that you can’t get from your local office supplier.

Luxe Blankets

Nothing says we are thinking of you more than a lovely, soft, warm luxurious blanket and we have a number that can be added to the swag offering.

There are so many product areas that can be offered, from bottles to tumblers, mugs, joggers, self-care kits, home tools and much more.

Check out Arctic Blue to find the best products to build a corporate swag store. Get in touch with us to know more!