How to get your Corporate Gifting right

A Quick Guide to Get Your Corporate Gifting Right

Corporate gifting helps to foster brand recognition and goodwill for your business and is an excellent way to improve connection and communication.

Corporate gifting can strengthen loyalty and even open up new sources of revenue, it can be the starring role in your strategy to develop as well as nurture valuable relationships with partners, clients, vendors, and prospects.

Use corporate gifting to your advantage

There can be many reasons for corporate gifting, from celebrating milestones, to recognising achievements, appreciating existing clients and to create touchpoints with new and potential clients. You don’t want to miss any opportunity, but as with any proposed initiative, your corporate gifting policy requires thorough consideration and planning.

A great marketing tool

Thoughtful gifting shows that you care, it shows you understand your client, actions do speak louder than words. Aside from the creative contribution to any proposed gifting programme, there are some basic principles that should guide every product idea being considered for corporate gifting, here are some of them.

Match gifting ideas to your audience

Why are you running the gifting programme, are you looking to say thank you to clients, potential new customers or employees. The gifting programme needs to be chosen with the target recipient as your main focus, the gift should appropriately reflect that.  Choose items that will stand out from the ordinary so that the gift creates a lasting impression.

corporate gifting

Never compromise on quality

The quality of the products, its needs to meet your own expectations, is this something you would like to receive. This will leave a lasting impression and you want that to be a positive impression, these are the most successful corporate gifts. For instance, a Moleskin Smart Writing set that combines a classic business product with cutting edge technology or choose items that could be used outside of the work environment and could be shared with family and friends, perhaps a cheese board set with wine accessories.

cheese board set

Make sure it delivers a message

A handwritten note can help to show you care and that you treasure the working relationship that you have with that customer. A carefully chosen product that reflects that company’s beliefs and principles, a product that is produced with recycled products for example, that’s fits with the companies strong sustainable principles shows you care and its not just another freebie.

Both clients and customers, and employees value an organisation that they can trust, and such meaningful gestures can go a long way.

Personalise your gifts

Personalise your gifts

Customised stationery is a great option for corporate gifts, why not think about creating a series of journals, compendiums, or satchels and laptop backpacks that are personalised with a client’s business or personal name. Personalising makes gifting fun; it allows for bespoke and unique gifts for clients and employees.

If you are starting to plan a gifting programme and need some inspiration and some practical assistance, you need a company that understands your vision. That’s who we are! At Arctic Blue, we offer brilliant products and great custom options to help you, please contact us.