8 promotional products that can make your business look cool

The promotional products you use can leave a lasting impression and when done right these fun products can help showcase the personality of your business.


Earphones – we all use them and if you go with quality they’ll be coveted

Speakers – handy and portable and can be done in any design or style

Sunglasses – go retro if you want to increase your hipster value

Bags – put the right design and message on the bag and you’ll be taken everywhere

Toys – frisbees, Hacky Sacks and games provide instant fun for all their users

Fitness items – device holders and all wearable tech is so ‘hot’ right now

Phone stand chargers – create a quirky design and people will want to keep you on their desk or counter top & you’ll create a talking point for anyone who stops by.

Reusable water bottles – help save the planet and quench thirst! Plus, your message and design will get repeat face time with all users.


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