7 ways to use freebies in your marketing

Everybody loves free stuff – come on, admit it, you do too! And, when you give away some great promotional freebies, you and your message will be remembered and appreciated long after.

1 Event marketing
Giving away interesting and useful products at your events will help extend your event’s impact.

2 New business or new idea
Get it out there and in people’s hands! 52% of people surveyed by APPA say they do business with a company after receiving a promotional product.

3 Say thanks
Saying thanks with a special gift will leave a visual reminder of a job well done and encourage more good work.

4 Rewards
Rewarding loyalty or top customers/clients with gifts is still a valuable tool to help maintain positive relationships.

5 Reminders
Don’t let your business be forgotten, remind your clients or customers of what you have been/are up to with a simple gift – works great for before and after event marketing too.

6 Incentives
Looking for new leads or feedback/testimonials/reviews from current customers – offer up a product incentive to ensure you achieve a higher conversion on your campaigns.

7 Taste Testers
Send out a sample of your product or service as a mini replica or create a quirky product that shows off your brand personality and you’ll create interest and hype.


5 x Products Perfect for Freebies

  • Anti-stress balls – useful, fun and can be smart and funny
  • USB flash drives – designed in any shape or message
  • T-shirts – perfect for any campaign or purpose
  • Confectionary – everyone loves lollies and chocolates
  • Pens & More Pens – simple but something we all use

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