5 promotional products every brand needs

Promotional products are the only advertising medium that can engage all the senses!

Corporate merchandise and the inclusion of useful everyday promotional products in your campaigns and events can help drive positive attention to your brand and share your message whenever (and wherever) your products are on display.


Here are our Top 5 Useful Promotional Products to get your brand in the hands of your customers…




1. Apparel

Event coming up? Send us your logo… our printers are on standby, we do quick turnarounds on your favourite everyday apparel items… start with branded shirts, jackets and tees.  ⠀

Need workwear? We got you covered for retail, trade and corporate uniforms… bars, restaurants, cafes, shops…

Workwear is cool and comfortable with options like these from @ascolour

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2. Wireless Chargers & Power Banks

No messy cables required and you can charge your phone wherever you want – as easy as placing your device on the charger.

Available in various styles and shapes, these fully customisable chargers are perfect as premiums or in your corporate brand promotions.

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3. Drinkware

Reusable coffee cups and drink bottles come in all shapes and sizes with plenty of room for your logo. Reduce environmental impact and promote your brand with enviable drinkware options.

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4. Bags

Bags are a reliable go-to product for marketers, especially for use at events and conferences! There are hundreds of bag styles and sizes (with various functions) you can choose from. And, if you have lots of swag to hand out… go with a reuseable tote bag.

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5. Headwear

We have a huge range of headwear styles and colours that will fit into every event, campaign or merchandise plan. Did you know you can print or embroider anywhere on your hat? Talk to us about all your headwear merchandise options… we can show you how to maximise design and showcase your company personality.

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Your Corporate Online Ordering Solution

The Corporate Online Order Management Solution (COOMS) is a unique service allowing you to create a virtual online ordering shop for your business. It covers everything from ordering and warehousing, right through to nationwide and global distribution, to accurate, real time reporting.

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