5 merchandise ideas to use this year

Use these tricks to help your marketing campaigns stand out from your competitors.

1. Colour in Promotions
Human beings are affected by colour. We know that colour plays an important role in purchases and branding and can impact perceptions of a brand’s personality), so the colours you use in your promotional products can be just as important as the products you choose. Whether you are unrestricted with your designs or bound by corporate colour schemes, we can help you use colour in a way that sets the right mood for your campaign.

2. Hat Design
Hats will be on every list of top merchandise ideas you can find, and there’s a good reason for that… they serve a purpose (hello sun), are used regularly, and can help express an individual’s style. But… what most people don’t realise when pencilling in promotional hats for their next marketing campaign is that you can PRINT or EMBROIDERY ANYWHERE. We can show you how to maximise your hat design!

3. Fitness Merchandise
These days more and more people are looking to get or stay active regardless of age – check out the demographics of the next running group that passes you on the street – and this increase has given rise to a range of fitness gadgets and wearable devices. Products such as the Bone Conducted Bluetooth Headset/Headphone are an easy way for your brand to jump into fitness merchandise – they can help align your brand with an active lifestyle image and provide your staff/clients/customers with a enviable tech product.

More on the Bluetooth Headset/Headphone

  • Perfect for running on the streets as you are still able to hear everything around you.
  • They reduce the risk of eardrum damage.
  • They have a pedometer function.
  • There is a mic so you can make or take calls.

4. Quality Bags
Bags are still a reliable go-to product for marketers, especially for use at events and conferences, but rather than stick with the same generic tote bag, why not place your logo (or a piece of your brand identity) on a bag that will stand the test of time and be used over and over again! There are hundreds of bag styles and sizes (with various functions) that you can choose from, or if you can’t find an existing bag that represents you best, think about a custom design to truly stand out from the rest… maybe a bag in the shape of your logo or product!?!

5. Products with a Twist
Unique is still the best way to stand out from the rest when it comes to promotional products. But, unique doesn’t have to mean completely custom (although we do that too). You don’t need to stick with the standard versions of your favourite promotional products in your marketing strategy, we can put a twist on the average USB stick, power bank or pen and take the products that you know work for you that little bit further.

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