3 promotional products that stand the test of time

Promotional products can take your brand further, but to stand out from the rest choose products that showcase the true quality and style of your brand.

Promotional pens are on every office desk you pass by so you need to ensure your branded pen isn’t just one in the pile. Prodir Pens are the ultimate in luxury stationery. Once you use one of these award-winning pens, it will never go back in the drawer. Keep them close because once someone borrows it you may never get it back!

Don’t stick with standard umbrellas that fall apart on a rainy day, make your branded umbrella the go-to choice every season. Marksman umbrellas won’t get forgotten or left behind somewhere, they’ll be the favourite kept in the car or by the front door.

A quality branded bag can say so many things about your business. Field & Co.™ create backpacks, duffels and totes that are so cool and stylish they will be used every day and for every occasion – work, school, gym, weekends. Take your marketing to the next level with one of these unique bags.

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