10 reasons why confectionery works as a promotional product

Everybody likes sweets of some kind – lollies, lollipops, mints, chocolate, or sugar-free varieties – and it’s a great way to give a little piece of your business to clients and customers. They’ll actually thank you and probably come back for more.

  1. Suits any age group
  2. Works for any purpose or activity
  3. Will get used i.e. eaten
  4. It will get shared around – shop, office, home, car
  5. Can support the tone of your campaign or event – fun or serious
  6. Unique packaging can be kept and used after it’s gone – tins, bags, cups
  7. Can be cheaper alternative to gadgets
  8. If it tastes good you will be remembered long after it’s been eaten
  9. Will create a positive association to your brand
  10. Using sugarless sweets or organic chocolates will satisfy any taste or diet

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