10 Corporate Swag Bag Ideas Your Remote Employees Will Love

In this time of working remotely and virtual meetings, the physical connection between brand and their employees can suffer. Swag is a creative way to engage your people and show them you care, and your organisation will benefit from the branded exposure.

A corporate swag pack must be chosen with care. When thoughtfully chosen and put together, it can make an excellent first impression. Generic, run-of-the-mill, corporate gifts, however, fail to create a stir. The key is to find items that are practical so your employees will use them.

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Not sure what to include in your corporate swag packs? Here are ten corporate swag ideas to ‘wow’ your remote employees.

1. Work from Home Accessories

Make WFH easier by gifting items that help to organise and help with your employees work life balance. Choose custom branded notebooks made from high quality recycled paper, desktop sets to help employees maintain order in the WFH set up, or custom mouse pads that are essential for a home workstation.

2. Wellness Accessories

Promoting employee wellness should be one of the top concerns of the employer. Inspire fitness among employees by gifting fitness trackers, yoga mats, or jogging pants with embedded phone case. Virtual running clubs are very popular among remote working teams and can be encouraged as an effective team building activity in the times of social distancing. Equip your remote employees so they can work out freely.

3. Self-Care Items

Gift self-care items to help employees relax, pamper, and unwind. Invest in sleep masks, soaps, lotions, chap sticks – the list is endless.

4. Eco-Friendly Goodies

Show you care for the planet by gifting eco-friendly, recycled products. At Arctic Blue, there are options galore, from cotton tote bags to drawstrings, bread boards, etc.

5. Bluetooth Speakers

Scan through our amazing collection of Bluetooth speakers to find something perfect for your employees.

6. Headphones and Earbuds

Choose high quality custom headphones for making your employees’ WFH workstation successful.

7. Phone Chargers, Power Banks

Your remote employees need great power banks when outside or useful charging stations to charge their phones.

8. Hand Sanitisers and Face Masks

Sanitisers and facemasks with your brand logo are an excellent way for your staff to promote brand awareness while taking safety precautions.

9. Tool Sets

Provide your employees with a handy tool set like this BBQ multi tool with your company name and logo on it. This 5-in-1 tool has everything you could need to enjoy a barbie in their backyard. Plus, some much-needed outdoor time can be great for their health!

10. Hoodies and Jackets

Custom hoodies and jackets are perfect for remote employee gifts, not only will they look great they will feel part of the wider team.

In an increasingly remote work world, remote employees can easily feel disconnected and isolated from the company.

Consider partnering with a leading promotional merchandise company like ours to design fully custom corporate swag bags that will make your employees feel like a part of the pack!